Notes from the Trail #15, 4/18/17

After having been away from the outdoor classroom for a few weeks due to the school schedule, our first graders were eager to explore and notice signs of spring around the forest and vernal pool. Beginning with this entry the class is assuming responsibility for some of the blogging. This effort will be a meaningful exercise to support these developing writers as they learn to use writing to purposefully communicate. As the first graders learn to maintain this blog they will incorporate their technology skills and their writing skills to share experiences. I’m eager to try something new and to release more responsibility to these capable children!

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.1

I saw an acorn with about 20 ants and about 20 ant eggs. The ants were scurrying everywhere; they were protecting their eggs. A whole bunch of ants started to crawl on me so I had to put the acorn down.

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.2

My frends and I were the last remaning pray in Camuflosh. Camuflosh is a game like hide and seke.

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.3

At Trailside Tuesday we dra and write about sumthing a round us. Today I copyd a lefe and a acorn.

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.4

Ms. Norman’s class singing “I am a tall tall tree.” We practis “I am
a tall tall tree!”

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.6

My frend and l found two salamanders under a log.

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.7

I saw a ball in the vernal pool. So I wanted to copy the ball. It was hard to draw the vernal pool. I liked my drawing.

Trailside Tuesday Blog April 18.8

We trnd ovr a huge log looking for critrs. I found a black beetle.


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