Notes from the Trail #16, 4/25/17

After having read books with fairies as characters and examining the roles and habits of fairies in paintings across centuries, students received a letter from Lunette, the tooth fairy. Lunette explained that due to an increase in the number of Flanders’ students who are losing teeth, she needs more assistants. Lunette is recruiting more fairies to become assistant tooth fairies. However, the new tooth fairies need a place to live. Lunette asked our class if we’d be willing to share the woods behind Flanders with the new tooth fairies. Would we be willing to help the fairies set up new homes, as well? Our first graders were eager to take on the challenge. In the indoor classroom, student teams designed fairy houses, taking into consideration features such as accessibility, shelter and recreational offerings. Students brainstormed natural resources that they could use to build their planned fairy houses. Members of the team took on various roles such as site selector, material collector, landscaper, etc. Engineering skills and collaboration were developed while imaginations were deeply engaged.BC

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.1

I worked hard to create a  fairy house and it was cool. For my fairy house first i collected stiks and bark and also leavs. Next my friend and I start bilding. We finish. We love it.

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.3

My friends and I worked hard  to create a gnome castle and beach. We hope they will like it!

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.4

When I was bilding a fariy house it was hard work. First I got some sticks. Next I cut the sticks. Then I made a roof. Last I put some flowers. I reely liked my fariy house.

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.5


My farey hous was made out of stiks and moss and bark. It had  a pool.

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.6


Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.8

I made a fairy house. l  used some acorn tops for the fairys. l made a slide with a piece of bark. l also used bark for the floor.

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.9

Three frends found these holes in the tree. We think it is woodpecker holes?

Blog April 25 Fairy Houses.2

I was digging a hole so a stump coed fit in the hole. Bekus the stump was wigle.


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